Well here we go again. I have had another stray econoline follow me home.

I had to take it in, how can you say no way
to a face like this staring at you?

econoline 3 window pickup front view

So what we have for a start point is your basic Ford Econoline 3-window pickup.
She has had some "bodywork" done that will need fixing up. Otherwise pretty darn straight.
It has the small rear axle, 3 speed auto transmission and an unknown small block of sorts.
The engine does run if hot wired, it badly needs a tune and new carb. No smoke or noises.
Interior is sparse and ragged, it had a home made floor shifter that looked cool but very sloppy.
The wiring harness has had a complete melt down as well.
So the following are pics of the day it followed me home.

econoline pickup right side

econoline pickup ratty interior

econoline pickup home made shifter

econoline pickup unkown small block ford