I guess you have figured out by now we have officially named this Econoline HillBilly Deluxe.
We have set some goals as well as what will be happening with this one.
I want it to be driveable yet bad-ass when needed and dragstrip capable.
Below is a short list of things that will be happening and parts to be added.

  • Econoline doghouse to be reworked
  • Wiring harness from donor econoline
  • Seats that are a bit more comfy
  • Nice guages and tachometer
  • Fix the rough bodywork
  • Install engine & Trans crossmembers
  • Paint of some sort (haven't decided what yet)
  • A bad-ass 302 engine
  • C4 trans with goodies installed
  • 9" rear with posi/spool of sorts
  • Big meaty rear tires
  • Front disc brakes
  • Custom heavy duty driveline
  • Dual exhaust to 4" side pipes

And who knows what else, above items are subject to change as well, you know how it goes.

Below are some pics of whats been happening

302 mock up

dash after some disassembly

302 mock up, using different vlave covers

clean up and parts removal under way

old small block ford

front with bumper removed

old engine with doghouse removed

front after some work

another inside view

big tires

another inside view

Trial fit for big rear tires

aftermarket wheels

another side view

Econoline w/Centerline wheels

Another side view