We received an update on rustys fun, below are pics and quotes from his e-mail.

I found it in the back building of one of the local auto wreckers. It had been sitting there since he drove it to the yard in 97. Well, we got to the house yesterday afternoon. Then we started to look in detail for one thing, where the hell was the battery??? See the PIC where we finally found it. Now when we started to tear out the modifications that we found, one thing popped into our heads was that whomever did the modifications was a master woodworker. I have never seen such craftsmanship in a van. Then we noticed that the work including a small electric water pump that was used for the sink, was FOMOCO!!! The floor had been covered with insulation then had the plywood sheeting attached. They went so far as to tongue and groove the different plywood sheets so that they fit almost seamlessly, the side braces were perfectly contoured to fit the sides of the van and even around the wheel wells and the dog house. We also discovered a fresh water storage tank forward of the gas tank.

This guy had the van wired for 110 with hookups that look like those for a camper to have outside electrical power source. The battery well had a place for two battery's. We are being very careful with the wiring because of all the different power outlets. See the PICS, It also had a toilet(porta-potty type) installed on the drivers side. Now for the big surprise, due to circumstances beyond our control, we needed to get the van backed into the garage, well we couldn't push it in, SOOOOoooo I had the idea that maybe we could get it started and running long enough to get it backed in. So got a new battery put a gallon of gas in it, found a major leak when we filled the radiator, i.e., the right forward freeze plug is shot leaks real fast.

Anyway the damn thing started after about a 15 second crank, I figured it was dream to see if it could run after being stored for 6 years. But the damn thing started and after about 30 seconds smoothed out and we able to move it under it's own power, (who says FORD don't make em tough) After putting 4 1/2 qt. of tranny fluid it.

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