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About Us

 Well I am basically just a good ole american middle class workin' guy with a desire for old steel
and hotroddin' nothing special that's for sure. Been married for 25 years and have 2 great kids
I have owned many makes and models through out the years but my favorites are Fords of course.
At any given time You will usually find at least 10 vehicles outside my shop at home.
For some reason I have taken a strange liking to Econolines. My most relaxing and peaceful
times are when I am driving around in my old primer grey, rust holes in the floor, oil leaking motor,
uglier-n-sin econo pickup. I love this particular truck, she has been beyond faithful to me for many many
thousands of miles. I have started to fix her up a bit as time and money permits.
I have heard people refer to econoline guys as twisted, sick, mentally ill and crazy for loving these
old rigs. I just laugh and know they will never understand our special addiction, we should have
our own world to live in with our econolines, Econonation maybe even our own religion??
Econolinism.  Long live the Econolines and may they roll forever shiny side up!!