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Can You Get Chase Referral Bonus For In-Branch Applications? (Maybe)

A question we’ve been getting often in the comments is:

Can I get referral credit when referring my friend to a Chase credit card when they plan on applying in-branch? They may be applying in-branch since they are more comfortable that way or because the in-branch offer is superior. 

This question has been asked many times recently due to the increased 80,000 points Chase Sapphire Preferred bonus. The bonus is the same in-branch and online, but the branch offer waives the first year’s $95 annual fee.

I’ve seen references in the past to be able to go into a Chase branch with the referral info, and the banker would then be able to give the superior branch offer and still have it track back to the referrer so that they get their bonus as well.

A recent Reddit thread mentions that idea as well, noting that you should come into the branch with the referrer’s signup link. I’d recommend also having the referrer’s name, address, and phone number in case the banker asks.

That thread seems to suggest that you can only get the branch offer and the referral offer in the case where it’s a matter of a waived annual fee. However, if the referral offer is lower than the branch offer, the thread suggest it won’t work.

If you try it either way, let us know how it goes.